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Learn to heal yourself and your loved ones with a system of healing as simple as the touch of a hand


Siam Reiki therapy channels life force energy through your body’s meridians to release blockages affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. The techniques used for transmitting this ‘energy of the universe’ are tremendously stress reducing and trigger the body’s natural healing abilities.


Siam Reiki Level 1 introduces you to the history Reiki therapy, and how the powerful energies flowing around your body can become blocked and need freeing. During the hands-on workshops you will learn about the origins of Reiki, and gain an understanding of the differences between Siam Reiki and other energy therapies.


As part the course your Chakras will be opened, receiving attunement from your instructor, and allowing the universe’s life force to flow freely through you. You will be taught where to place your hands on the body to release blockages, and how to prepare for giving treatments safely to others. At the end of the course you will be able to channel energies appropriate to Reiki Level 1 and be ready to do further studies in the future.


The introductory course is led by Brahmajarn Lee Wei-de (Steve), founder of Siam Reiki, who is known for his medical intuitive gifts and healing psychic abilities. His unique approach to facilitated learning is ideal for the personal development and energy awakening programmes he runs, and matches well with his Australian sense of humour. Lee Wei-de is also recognised as a shamanic healer and alchemist, and is President of the Siam Traditional Doctors Association.


Date: Pending dates due to COVID-19

The course cost VND 6,976,000 (USD 300)

Room Accommodation starting @ VND 1,650,000  (USD 72)

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